Become aware of your environment and position yourself for new opportunities.


Adjust your actions toward situations and learn to thrive in evolving landscapes.


Take advantage of new perspectives on life and move ahead in any environment.

Create Thinking that Works Smarter.

We call it optioning – the art of manifesting opportunity from the one thing in life that’s inevitable – change. Changecology™ is the science of creating better choices from any challenge. And it means more control – and satisfaction.

Changecology™ is the fun, interactive workshop that teaches you to turn life’s events into a menus of opportunity. Through eye-opening techniques and enhanced critical-thinking skills, you’ll learn fresh perspectives and valuable tools for boosting productivity and creating options over any obstacle. The choice is yours. Change it up.


Success and Growth

Adaptive Skills

Enhance Communications

Identify roadblocks between relationship building and develop plans for managing issues before they have a chance to affect the progress in your team.

Think Creatively

Develop an environment where ideas are exchanged freely and individuals are rewarded for unique problem-solving skills.

Weather Adversity

Roll with the changes by adapting to situations with optimism that inspires others and finds solutions to problems.

Take Charge

Get the most from subordinates by delivering clear expectations, following through with feedback, and by leading by example.

Grow Markets

Enhance the bottom-line with improved processes that cut costs and provide conceptual strategies that inspire employees.

Build Teams

Create an atmosphere of focus and inspiration with new attitudes toward observation, problem solving, adaptation, and improvement.

Boost Morale

Inspire employees with managers who have a developed strategy for moving forward and accomplishing company goals.

Work Together

Implement an environment that motivates cooperation between diverse groups by fostering generational skillsets and unique expertise.


Who Wins in the Gig Economy, and Who Loses

The winners and losers in the U.S. economy have traditionally been easy to identify. If you had a full-time job, you won. A full-time job provided the steady income needed to support our traditional version of the American Dream: the highly leveraged, high-fixed-cost house; the cars; the latest consumer goods. A full-time job was also the only way to access important employer-provided benefits, such as health insurance and a pension, as well as protections against workplace injuries, discrimination, and harassment. Without a full-time job, a true sense of security was elusive, benefits were inaccessible, and you were more likely to be stranded on the fringes of the labor market, observing rather than living the American Dream.

Why We Are Addicted To Multitasking And 5 Ways To Break The Habit

Science has told us that these conclusions are in fact delusions. Yet, they persist. Sure, it’s possible to drive to work and listen to a podcast, but that’s because only one of those tasks requires active cognitive engagement. When both tasks require simultaneous processing, 98% of us can’t do it. Have you noticed that if you get lost while driving, you turn off the radio? That’s because you now need your full cognitive horsepower to navigate.

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